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Four out of five employees acknowledge some degree of financial stress. That stress not only manifests itself in the form of lost productivity but results in strained personal relationships and poor physical health. Leveraging innovative behavioral based strategies, apps, and products that turn good intentions into reality, ClearStreet helps individuals improve their financial health so that they can focus on the things that matter most. Our proven budgeting strategies, expense management tools, along with access to cash for unexpected expenses, put ClearStreet at the intersection of health & financial wellness.


SaveWell is a simple, easy-to-use mobile savings app that helps you build assets and get out of debt. Track your expenses, setup automatic savings plans, and invite friends & family to help you reach your goals. The SaveWell apps were built based on proven behavioral approaches that turn good intentions into reality.


Get Started

Our app makes it easy for you to set up a plan, take small steps, and track your progress.


Set a Goal

Set a target and start taking steps to hit it. You can even invite friends and family to contribute.


Save Automatically

Set up regular contributions, and contribute on the fly with our "speak and save" feature.


Track your progress

You can have multiple goals -- both short and long term. Track all your progress with daily updates.


Track expenses

Out Shopping? Say the expense to your phone and we will track it automatically.


Tip Yourself

That $20 you just saved by shopping at a sale? Use "speak and save" to make it a contribution to your goal.


LendWell is the responsible alternative to Credit Cards & Payday Loans. Employees get immediate access to funds for emergencies and eliminate high interest debt. Employees get an approval guaranteed short term financial safety net.

SaveWell HSA

The SaveWell Health Savings Account helps take the worry out of looming healthcare deductibles and out of pocket expenses associated with High Deductible Healthcare Plans (HDHP). Along with the supporting apps the SaveWell HSA also takes the mystery out of insurance billing.

Unlike a “regular” HSA, the SaveWell HSA makes funds available when your medical expenses warrant — even if your account contributions-to-date are less than your expense. The SaveWell HSA ensures that you won’t be caught short when you need to meet a deductible or out-of-pocket healthcare cost. And with the SaveWell HSA apps you have a tool to help you shop for care in your plan as well as better understand your medical bills.


Take Charge

SaveWell HSA is funded by regular pre-tax contributions.


Pay more easily

Draw needed funds anytime – even if what you’ve paid in is less than what you need.


Manage costs better

Use the app to track and manage your healthcare payments.


Price Options

We’ll help you find the best care at the best price in your plan.


Demystify billing

No more mysterious billing codes – know what you’re being charged and why.


Get Help Fast

Your healthcare navigator is there to make your plan work better for you.

For Employers


Stress-related illnesses cost businesses up to $300 billion a year in lost productivity. A financially distressed employee may spend up to 20 hrs a month at work dealing with personal money issues and discussing their issues with other employees. By limiting financial distraction in the workplace, employers can save as much as $5,000 per employee, per year. If you’re an employer, contact us to find out how to bring ClearStreet to your employees.

About Us

ClearStreet was founded to address the problem that 76% of the US population lives paycheck to paycheck. Our mission is to help every American become financially healthy. We help people better manage their money by providing proven behavioral based strategies and tools.

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